A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X

You meet a policeman, your sister, and a lollypop lady on the way to work over two days. Make them feel better or worse about themselves to change their lives, change your speed, and change the weather!

Controls: A = Left, D = Right; Mouse for Dialogue Choices

To Download and Install: [For Windows PC]

Download from the link at the bottom of this page, unzip the folder and .exe file, and double-click on the game. If you get a message saying 'unknown source', just click 'more info' and 'run anyway

Mac OSX version available, untested!

5 Minute Game Prototype created for the Develop 'British Weather' 24-Hour Game Jam, 13th-14th July 2016

Written by Greg Buchanan (Website | Twitter | Tumblr)
Art by Ashley Riza (Twitter)
Programming by Reece Banbury (Twitter) and Nathan White (Twitter)
Music by John Leonard French (Twitter)

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Level Joy:


I had a great time collaborating with Ashley, Reece, and Nathan at this jam -- the shortest I've been to so far, but also the most graphically accomplished jam project I've completed at such an event, just going to show the difference an actual 3D artist (thanks Ashley!), a bus-animation-obsessive (thanks Reece!), and an authoritative code patriarch (thanks Nathan!) can make to a project. (And of course thank you to John for stopping by our table with a USB stick full of music at the eleventh hour!)

The theme was 'British weather', so we went with the idea that not only is the British weather unpredictable and mostly just a bit crappy, but also the fact that British people seem to have a deep conversational/emotional connection to the weather. Our intention was to turn the concept of the pathetic fallacy into a short narrative game.

So in this very short and silly game, you exit an underground tube station on the way to work every morning, bump into three people on the way, and talk to them in a way that will influence the weather. So for the policeman and the student/your sister, making them happy or excited will decrease the rain moment-by-moment, and making them sad or angry will increase the rain. Doing so will alter your speed and hypothetically make you late for work if you're too slow (though for this prototype the timer allows you to take a large amount of time regardless). The third character, the lollypop lady (cultural explanation of lollypop ladies can be found here for those not based in the UK!) will make the rain worse the happier she gets, as befits her general apocalyptic Cthulhu-worshipping attitude.

In the original concept, the characters were going to comment on a variety of weather conditions (we were originally going to have snow, storms, heatwaves, etc), but as with any games jam a huge number of ideas had to be cut. What we were left with is this hopefully short and sweet 5 minute game where your choices on 'Day 1' will completely branch the narrative on 'Day 2' (the policeman can keep his job or quit to become a Pokemon Go player, whilst the sister can succeed or fail at doing her essay), where there are some nifty behind the scenes interactions between moment-by-moment dialogue choices and weather/speed systems, and with some cute art and music.

It was a pleasure to work with my team and indeed all the other jammers at the conference (the 'Tracer from Overwatch' final choice emerged from a hilarious running background joke of people shouting at Monty Python-esque Tracer quotes around the room throughout the 24 hours in honour of this ridiculously British character), and indeed to work on something far more light-hearted writing wise than my last itch.io game! I hope you enjoy!

More information

Published103 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorBuchanan Productions
TagsComedy, Cute, Interactive Fiction, Story Rich
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

To Download and Install: [For Windows PC]

Download and unzip the folder and .exe file, and double-click on the game. If you get a message saying 'unknown source', just click 'more info' and 'run anyway

Mac OSX version available, untested!


BritishWhether_win_v1.0.zip (49 MB)
BritishWhether_MacOS_v1.0.zip (17 MB)


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Just a little insight into the gameplay. Hard to read unfortunately:

A really fun game despite its short length, definitely a great idea for a jam. Congrats :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!